Thursday, September 18, 2014

Small pleasures amid weather changes

Little things made me happy yesterday, though I didn't photograph all of them since rain was falling.  It was a gentle and rather refreshing rain and we were still able to get out on our bikes with Black Jack.  I'll Share the Joy with Meri's meme, with my thanks to her for hosting.   

We began with our regular visit to Harrison Galleries.  Some new paintings were on display. I liked these two very much. 
They are by David Silvercloud, a Vancouver artist.
These next two had interesting textures.  I'm not sure if they..
 are by the same artist.
We left the gallery and biked to George Wainborn Park.  One of my favourite memories was of Bill running around a big boulder with Black Jack "heading him off at the pass" in great glee.  I didn't get pictures of that as I was busy running around a tree at the other end of the park.  The three of us had fun and a slightly changed-up form of exercise too :)  On the way home, we had to stop along the bike path as a movie shoot was happening.  I haven't been able to find out much info about it.  I think at least one of the stars is in the group of four standing under the umbrella and a reflector.  We were told that the title was something like "Love Surprises" and that it might be a Harlequin Romance style movie made for television.
 No matter the quality of film, I am always fascinated to see how much work goes into every scene.  Cyclists are continuing on their way here.. 
 as the crew begins to wrap up production for the day.
While some have a lot of legwork to do, I've been told..
others have to stand around for long hours, waiting for their moment to kick into gear.
 These were a part of the set,
 and fascinating to see lined up where dogs usually play.
 No one seemed worried about protecting them..
 from the light rain.  Perhaps, their job was over for that particular film, but it seems a little sad to let them waste away.  I rather liked them.
 My favourite part of the set, though, were the driftwood..
 It was fun to see our "home" park with a new twist, even if just for a few hours.  I bet Black Jack and Bill could have had great fun with this one :)
Bill remarked on this sign.  He found it highly amusing, and I had to agree that "throughout the universe, in perpetuity and in any language" covered just about all possibilities :)
Thanks, as always, for stopping by.  Perhaps you have some small pleasures of your own that you would like to share with Meri's meme.  Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Joie de Vivre for ABC Wednesday

I'll share yesterday's jaunt with ABC Wednesday.  Perhaps, you've already guessed the letter "J" is celebrated this week.  My thanks to Mrs. Nesbitt for creating a most successful meme that now continues, with the support of a fine team of volunteers, into its 15th round.  Special mention, this week, must go to Leslie, who is temporarily withdrawing from the meme to devote her full energy to her new husband, who is facing serious health challenges.  This link will take you to a beautiful series of photos taken at their wedding.  Their journey together at this juncture in their lives is one that I will be following closely, with the fervent hope that they find beauty and peace along the way.

Here are a few new-to-me words found at the "unusual words that begin with J" site.
janizary - follower, supporter
jannock - outspoken, honest
jazzetry - poetry to jazz accompaniment (Example at this link.)
juba - West African dance.  (Example at this link, lowered volume suggested.)
joss - luck, fate
jebel - hill or mountain

My theme today?  Joie do Vivre and juvenescence.  Here's how those words applied to our day yesterday.  If you like to listen to music while you read, I think you might enjoy the video at the very end of the post.

Bill pointed out the cat's face in the top left section of this bloom from yesterday's post.  I hadn't noticed it before.  
Tupper flew down from the lamp post for a visit.
We noticed that her markings have become more mottled and wondered if that has to do with the season.  Her upward pointing tail seems less obvious as well.  Her friendly manner assured us..
 that she was indeed "our" Tupper.
 Cory ate from Bill's hand for the first time.
 A house sparrow landed in front of my feet,
 and then flew to the tree where s/he watched me carefully.  
 A bumble bees did gymnastics..
 around these..
 mauve blossoms.
 Black Jack and Tupper have an understanding..
 and Bill "gets it" as he always does.
 We figured out that Cory can be identified by small bits of white in each wing.
 Bill appreciated that Cory now trusts him.  Do you see the white?
 Tupper chased Cory off the wall and took a couple of her treats, but Cory..
came right back.  They have an understanding too.  Bill closed his eyes as a way of making sure Cory is comfortable with him.
When I fed Cory, Tupper again interrupted, but Cory didn't seem to mind.  She munches her treat as you can see in the bottom right corner.
 I did my best to keep both Cory and Tupper happy.  We appreciate their trust and the opportunity to get to know them.
 Bill and Black Jack waited for the Aquabus, and we saw..
 a heron on the neighbouring dock.
 Bill and I trade bikes when we board the Aquabus, as he has the strength to lift the basket up the step. Black Jack's 13 or 14 pounds are just a bit too much for me.  
 I was supposed to bring Bill's bike, but I wanted to get his picture.  The kind person who "drives" the boat took Bill's bike and put it on for me, without my asking.  He just figured it would be a good thing to do.  I am a janizary of the ferries and the staff people who take us across False Creek. They bring a lot of joy to our lives.  
 I love that Black Jack is so matter-of-fact about her trips on the ferry.
Her main concern is whether there might be a treat contribution included with the ride.
 This fellow was playing the mouth organ when we disembarked from the ferry.
 Now those are jaunty shoes.  They could surely dance a jig and they might even fly as high as any jet.
 Bill saw the "J" in this now upturned lamp.  
 A mom allowed her toddler to explore..
 her world.  It was beautiful to see the fun they had together.
 I saw fish/whale shapes in the water reflections.
 We rode our bikes from Granville Island to a jetty that overlooks the ocean.
 People were finding many ways to enjoy..
 the magnificent evening.
 Signs of the sea popped up everywhere.  Could this be a sort of J?
 Most of the park benches were taken by sunset anticipators but there was one left just for us.
 My response to this?  Jubilance!
 I think the artist was drawing this boat.  I wanted to ask to talk to him about his work but he was so completely engrossed, I couldn't disturb him.
 Here is the bike path we journeyed to arrive at the jetty.  You can see the Burrard Bridge in the background.
While I took pictures, Bill took Black Jack wherever she wanted to go.  
 She was beside herself with joy.  I was as well, because Bill not only entertained her but..
 watched very closely.. 
to be sure she was safe.
 My joss (good fortune) fills me with awe and appreciation.
A stream of kayakers headed..
 toward the sun's path.
 Bill noticed these gentlemen.  They provided us with a lot of jocularity and curiosity too.
 My gaze went from the incredible skies and the kayakers..
 to the juvenescence before us.
 Cormorants flew over the ocean and by the jebels,
 gradually taking on the classic "V" shape.
 Bill looked over my shoulder at this photo and saw an upside down "J" before I did.
 This shot was almost directly overhead.
 The sky reached a peak of beauty..
 and Bill thought it was time for me to get into the picture.  He made me laugh and I was jolted with happy vibes that come back again when I see  the evidence before me.
 From my place on the rocks, I took his photo on "our" bench.  He had to manipulate..
Black Jack a little to convince her to tear her gaze from the critter-filled rocks to the camera.
 A second "digger" joined the first.  
 And what was it all for?
 Perhaps a selfie and some jabberwock, but the bottom line was their..
 comradeship and sense of fun even as they expended.. 
 enormous energy.. 
 on their joke.
 The kayakers returned..
and as we prepared to head back to the aquabus, 
 a heron flew overhead.
 Back at Granville Island, the voice of this musician..
 reached out over all the other sounds, adding another pleasure to our good day.
 The group is Coldwater Road.. 
and I really love their jannock style that left me with a story to think about. 
You can listen to them in this video.  The first few seconds of sound are not musical ones, but hang in there for the story in song.  It is a beautiful one.  Thank you for stopping by.  Perhaps, you will also pay a little visit to ABC Wednesday for more creative ways of celebrating the "J" in our lives.  Happy Wednesday to you!